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[Kris Selcas] รูปเซลก้าของพี่คริสคือหล่อพังทุกรูปนะคะ!!!T_T! @

From cooking ramen to flirting with your noona… on national tv.

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2NE1 pairings: PARK SISTERS

“Bom is our mood maker. Though she gives a different feel in our songs, she’s really usually bright and happy, and she’s also in charge of the gag, making people happy.” - Dara

“I really felt Dara’s absence. She sure is a vitamin. A vitamin person. When I’m having a hard time, I didn’t know this but, she gives me a lot of support. I wish she gets here soon…” - Bom

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Bashful Haru in front of Jiyong Oppa []

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